It’s been mad rainy today, and I wasn’t able to go to the Animal Shelter…  At least I get to go tomorrow, and the extra time gave me an opportunity to stay home and work on my music. Tired as fuck though…  Hope you guys are all doing good - Gonna go take a shower and then make some tea :]

Need a haircut :d

Goin’ to Sam Ash right now.

It’s been a good day

And it’s gonna be an even better week :]

Sent her a message asking if she wanted to come over tomorrow. And I’m feeling really really good right now for some reason :] Maybe it’s because I had some amazing-ass herbal tea and some chocolate, and am listening to hip-hop; maybe it’s because it had been raining really hard and now there’s just small flickers of lightning and calming thunder off in the distance- or maybe, it’s that thought in the back of my head that is hoping and waiting for her to say yes so I can SEE THIS WOMAN. AHH.

I was taking a walk tonight and I saw this little cluster of stars in the sky. I don’t know why, but it made me smile really big. Kind of sent me a reminder to appreciate the little things in your life, like the twinkling stars in the night, the sunshine rays pouring onto your face during the morning, and the little breeze that blows back your hair a bit in the daytime. And alsoo… Smile at everyone you see :]

My neck is sore from looking up at the stars ~

Gonna make it a good week :)